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About Money Matters

Money Matters is a free resource developed by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, in consultation with Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) teachers.   Our aim is to help LCA teachers and students to complete the units of Module 6 of the LCA Social Education course, ‘Taking Charge’, that relate specifically to personal finance education.

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Money Matters at a glance

There are 5 topics covered in the Money Matters program:         

  • Section 1: Putting more money in your pocket
  • Section 2: Managing your money matters
  • Section 3: Saving and borrowing for what you want     
  • Section 4: The cost of being in debt
  • Section 5: Protecting your stuff



Lesson plans, case studies and worksheets for each section are free to print off and use.   If you are an LCA teacher and would like access to the teachers notes and resources, please email financialeducation@ccpc.ie or telephone 01 4703614.