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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The use of this Web site is at the user's sole risk. The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (the 'Commission') shall have no liability for any loss or damage arising out of negligence or otherwise howsoever as a result of use of or reliance on the information on this site. 


The copyright in the material available on this site is, unless otherwise specifically stated, the property of the Commission. The consent of the Commission is required before this material or any part of it may be copied or adapted in any form or made available to the public by any method and any such consent is conditional upon appropriate acknowledgement being given of the Commission's rights.

You are granted permission (a license) to:

  • browse this material (including making such copies in RAM or other temporary storage device necessary to facilitate such browsing);
  • print out hard copies for personal or business use;
  • create links to the financialcapability.ie homepage, save files, distribute and reproduce pages - provided the source is stated and the material is not distorted. (N.B. In particular, URLs on personal or business sites which point to elements of our website must be configured so that materials accessed on our servers are displayed as the sole element of the browser window);
  • reproduce and/or re-use the information and documents obtained from this website provided that such re-use is subject to your compliance with all terms of the latest public sector information (PSI) licence. You can get more information on the PSI website.

Reproduction of our website content (offline)

If extracting information from our website include this sentence at the beginning; 'This information has been taken from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission's website www.financialeducation.ie' , or indicate 'Source: Competition and Consumer Protection Commission www.financialeducation.ie'.

Reproduction of our website content (online)/links to our website

a. Please ensure that it is obvious that the link to our information is a link to the Commission. 

'This information has been taken from the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission's financial education website' , or indicate 'Source: Competition and Consumer Protection Commission www.financialeducation.ie'. Where direct hyperlinks to the site are not included, please spell out the URL www.financialeducation.ie.

b. Use of any illustrations using our official logos or trademarks is not permitted. For further information contact us.

c. If links are made from a frames-based website, our pages should not be displayed as frames within that website – or in any way where web-users may misunderstand the true origins of the page. 

d. Links should not be put in a context that would make web-users believe that we endorse or support the contents or objectives of the other website or any organisation related to it.

e. As a matter of policy we do not enter any commercial ventures such as online advertising/promotion on our site.

Reference to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission – use of abbreviations and acronyms is not permitted

The name of the organisation for public information purposes is: Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

Audit of Personal Finance Resources in Ireland

During 2007 the National Steering Group on Financial Education conducted an Audit of Personal Finance Resources available in Ireland.  The audit lists these resources.

Due to the constantly developing area of personal finance education, this is not a complete list of currently available free educational resources for schools and for adult education. Further submissions are welcome at financialeducation@ccpc.ie

Inclusion in the audit does not constitute an approval nor should it be viewed as an endorsement of the organisation or the services offered by the organisation. Organisations which use inclusion in the audit in promoting or advertising their service will be excluded from the audit.  Any incidences should be reported to financialeducation@ccpc.ie


This site is subject to change from time to time. While the Commission attempts to assure the correctness and timeliness of all material posted on the site, it takes no responsibility for errors or omissions which may be the result of technical causes, or otherwise. Further, the Commission specifically disclaims all responsibility for damage or loss arising as a result of use of information provided herein.

The Commission maintains the right to delete or modify in part or in full any information on this site without prior notice.


Terms and Conditions – Gift Voucher Draws

1. To enter any of the Commission's competitions, you must be: (1) a resident in the Republic of Ireland; and (2) 16 years of age or over at the time of entry to the competition.

2. Only completed entries will be entered in the draw.

3. Only one entry per person.

4. You must enter each competition in the way stipulated, e.g. online survey or post. No responsibility will be accepted for entries that are lost or delayed, or which are not received for any reason.

5. Winner(s) will be selected in a random draw after the closing date of the competition

6. Winner(s) will be notified by phone. The Commission reserves the right to draw a substitute winner, if an initial winner drawn cannot be contactable within 7 working days.

7. Gift Vouchers will be sent by post to competition winners. Please allow 28 days (from date when notified) for delivery of all prizes.

8. A closing date will be specified for each competition by the Commission.

9. By entering the competition you agree that the Commission can publish your name as the winner of the relevant competition, if appropriate.

10. The prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

11. Competitions are not open to employees of the Commission or their family members, employees on secondment to the Commission or their family members, at the time of entry or any suppliers with contracts in place at the time of entry.

12. All competitions are run by The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, PO Box 12585, Dublin 1.

13. Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and agree to be bound by them when entering a competition.


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